Ambition, determination, empowering, fearless and leadership are just some of the words that describe Certified VII.

A fashion blog inspired from the love of fashion. We work and collaborate with designers and several vendors. We specialize in selecting high, low, new, & vintage fashion. Currently we are working on our very own in house designs. Although our online store is in the works we are not new to the fashion industry. Certified VII is an experience, influenced by European fashion, travel, pop culture, and just life. Our goal is to inspire like-minded independent, driven, & confident Individuals worldwide.

We have received so much support from vendors, designers, showrooms, and even bloggers that want to collaborate with us we couldn't be more thrilled and thankful. We look forward to working with so many talented people and connecting with our clients. Most importantly we look forward to branching out and growing with our clients. Our team is working hard to bring some unique services to you real soon.

We hope to inspire you and always keep you informed on all the latest in fashion. 


Certified VII -


Feel free to contact us at certifiedvii@gmail.com with any questions, inquiries, or comments we would love to hear from you!