Gypsy Sport F/W 2017 Fashion Show

On Sunday February 12th 2017 it was a rainy cloudy winter day but New York Fashion week was in progress. There will be no snow or rain to intervene fashion week must go on. The location was Skylight Clarkson in Soho New York, the time was 1pm. It was my first show of the day and I was anxious, to see Rio Uribe's F/W 2017 collection for Gypsy Sport. I have been a fan and supporter of his since he jointly won the CFDA Fashion Fund. I admire how humble and extremely talented he is.

I was fortunate enough to experience his show front row and like his clothes the show was filled with swaggy innovative and original Men And Women. As I sat waiting for the show to begin the lights were low and the room was filled with dim red lights. There was no music, there were four bucket drummers who you would normally see playing in the subways of New York City. They provided the right sound and the perfect vibe for what was to come. Tents lined the middle of the room in between the drum players. As the drummers began Rio Uribe was heard speaking on a mike to briefly tell us what inspired him for this collection. He was inspired by his recent experiences with the homeless populations in Los Angeles and Paris. The things they wore the conditions they lived in but most importantly their thirst for life and the simple things that we and he himself stated, take for granted.

He continued with an uplifting message and set the tone as the show began "I learned so much from speaking to people who live outside; I’ve learned so much about humanity," Uribe said. "I think we’re actually a very loving people who want to help each other, but sometimes that’s not what is preached to us…Let’s fight for a new world, a decent world, one where we can make room for each other."

The models who walked the show also made a powerful statement some he had met while rallying for the rights of women and immigrants others were familiar faces from previous shows. The models had blurred red lips and funky cool hairstyles like sky high bee hives and knee length braids.

The runway things like a D.I.Y. vest made entirely of safety pins, slouchy velvet, tye dye t-shirts and an deconstructed pinstripe blazer and a half pair of cropped pants with camo on one side of the leg just to name a few.After the show Ro States he had initially intended on making clothes about wall street and the business of war instead he decided to focus on the kids who were fighting against those things."They are the people who I want to address and be a representative of."

Rio Uribe has a way of expressing himself through his designs combining the good and the bad. This is an accessible collection with a very powerful message and I'm very happy to have experienced it!is a very accessible collection with a powerful message and I'm happy I got to experience it!