7 Ways To Style Our Sweetsie Two Piece Set - Visual Diary

Our Sweetsie 2 piece set is inspired by European fashion and we are uber excited to bring this set to you. We have taken the liberty to further inspire you, our fellow fashion lovers with 7 different ways to style and slay in this sweetsie killer set :)

1. Our first "Hot" look is a relaxed and playful way to wear the set. The look features easy to wear platform boots, hat, and gold jewelry. Its all about working around the outfit and wearing all black to highlight the two piece set for a flawless look.




2. Our second "Hot" look is a perfect example of adding a summer vibe to your look. This look features a soft yet stand out aqua green color that adds to your look without over shadowing the outfit. The aqua green colored shoes, glittery aqua green clutch and the silver watch with a hint of aqua green compliments the sweetsie set for that hot summer look. 




3. Our third "Hot" look is for the bold and unafraid fashionista. This look features blue shoes and accessories. The blue suede heels, blue quilted bag, and blue necklace give you a smashing summer look to remember! 



4. Our fourth look I love because as you can see the brown color adds another element to this look. I've always loved the way brown compliments just about any outfit. The brown suede heels, brown suede bag, and brown chiffon give you an unconventional fabulous look. 



5. Our fifth look is bold and sutle, adding red and purple to the mix. This look features a red blazer, red heels, and purple earrings. I love this look because its the perfect way to add a feminine twist to an already fabulous outfit. 



6. Our sixth look is all about the platinum vibe. This look features this season's must have platinum heels, silver accessories, and platinum/silver bucket suede bag. We love this look because its a perfect example on adding trendy items that compliment your outfit. 



7. Our seventh and last look its all about the gold. This look is everything that you need with its silver and gold collaboration. The look features gold heels, gold accessories, and a gold clutch. 


These looks were brought to you by CertifiedVII to inspire you to create and or re-create your own looks, its really that simple and fun . Stay Gold!