Horoscope for August 2018



Jul 23-Aug 22    

 You could learn many new things during the next couple of weeks, especially while the Sun is in conjunction with Mercury retrograde, when hidden and strange knowledge comes your way pouring from all directions.

You could be misled and misguided by others. Don’t put your trust in those whose company simply doesn’t feel right, and follow the movement felt in your heart giving others a chance to show their true colors without a shred of doubt. You need honesty and an open mind to understand all that is going on around you.



Aug 23-Sep 22  

Given the right amount of trust, you will be able to do incredible things this month and see your position growing in the direction you always wanted it to. Still, some difficulties and delays are to be expected, for this is the moment of high aspirations and talents, when too many people aren’t brave enough to step out and follow their true authentic needs.

Don’t fear change and communicate about issues as freely as you think you should. There are many things you might not understand about lives of other people though, and this is hardly a time for judgment and immoral choices that won’t leave room for you to grow in dignity.



Sep 23-Oct 22     

The first couple of days of August won’t truly present the right image of this month. Give it a chance to dazzle you with its summer glow, aware that Venus is about to enter your first house and make you feel valuable and beautiful once again. This is a month when many Libras might fall in love or decide to get married. It would be wise to wait for Mars to enter the sign of Capricorn before starting a new romance or eloping.

Long-term solutions will be found in the second half of this month. This is also a time when you will be fully aware of your boundaries, responsibilities of others, and those you took on that never really belonged to you in the first place.



Oct 23-Nov 21     

You have some big investments in mind, but still need to check the waters and see if your options are valid and stable enough to continue with your plans. Don’t risk too much for the first two weeks of August, waiting for calm and safe opportunities to come by the end of the month.

Positive and constructive ideas will come to mind. Hold on to firm convictions and rigid structures that allow growth but try to remain flexible enough to listen to others as they speak of obstacles that could be found in your path. Some people have solutions that you might find a bit difficult to think of at the moment.



 Nov 22-Dec 21   

You aren’t afraid to dream big but might feel like you are standing all on your own in any chase you wish to pursue. Be brave enough to move forwards, but still wise enough to know when to stop. If someone crossed your boundaries, keep them on a safe distance for a little while to regenerate and prepare for the next round.

Conflicts are possible, but so are incredible new insights and understanding. Others will surprise you and throw you off your game, and you will remember how the balance of life makes all the difference in the greater order of things. You are in this specific position for a reason, and shouldn’t take on any more judgment for your ways if you wish to resolve troubles behind them.



Dec 22-Jan 19   

You are still a bit off grid and aren’t sure if your next step will lead you in a wanted direction. Don’t be afraid to move into the fog, but make sure you aren’t expecting miracles around every corner. Things will get easier as you move on, step by step into the unknown, opening new chapters to solve and bringing the puzzle together.

By the end of August, you should know well enough where you wish to point your arrows. The last week of the month is very good to start a new course, learn something that you haven’t learned before, or to travel to a distant land. Change perspective and open your mind for new information, solutions and cultures.



Jan 20-Feb 18

About one third of all internet traffic from the United States to Asia passes through one skyscraper in LA. Although you know that too many things are going on over your head at the moment, you can’t seem to shake off the responsibility that this moment brings your way. You are aware of the potential of this time and can’t seem to let any opportunities slip you by no matter the obstacles in your path.

You need some clear communication and vision of the future you wish to build. A lot of anger still remains dormant in some of your relationships, and you don’t necessarily need to push it out if the warm connection of hearts feels better for the time being.



Feb 19-Mar 20  

This is the month of deep and thorough decisions when you need to face everything you’ve been working on for the last several months. You have enough time to get things done, so try not to rush them and keep in mind that while Mercury is retrograde, not everyone is to be trusted and blindly followed into the unknown.

Stay patient, allow delays and diversity, and be open for solutions that are out of the ordinary. With enough faith, as always, you will succeed in unusual ways that are best suited for your current situation. Care for close relationships and keep your loved ones safe, for they need your protection and guidance at the moment.



 Mar 21-Apr 19   

Retrograde movements of Mars are about to end, but not as soon as you’d like them to. Luckily, it is about to move from Aquarius back into Capricorn, and your energy will finally be under control and ready to be invested into something constructive and real. The time of ideals and great dreams is still here, but you need to make all those steps you missed out on, slowly and steadily towards your goal.

Be as patient as you can be. It would be a shame to miss any opportunities just because of a lack of time you are giving your life to develop in directions you wish for. Think twice and stay open for new solutions that will help you move forwards by the end of this month.



Apr 20-May 20

More than 90% of plastic in the ocean comes from just 10 rivers, 8 of which are in Asia. The first week of this month could be overburdening and you will feel like you have too much waste to get out of your system to be fully functional and see the beauty in the world around you. However, you are ready to take chances and find new feelings to hold on to a bit less firmly and with more joy to look forward to.

It is time to move, walk, dance, and sing, a time when relationships will get into focus and when you are to think about others and ways to connect and interact with them on a daily basis. You need touch, listening, and a kind heart to turn to in the time of need.



May 21 – June 20


The retrograde move of Mercury is about to last for a while, marking the first half of August as a bit tricky and dishonest. Choose your words with extra care and don’t trust everything you hear. It is possible that certain people simply try to reach a position by showing how brave they wish to be, instead of who they really are.

Shine on with your authentic nature and everything will fall into place, just as it is supposed you. It is clear that you have already won in some of your battles. All you need is a little time and a clear focus on the destination you wish to reach. No other person should taint your image of Self or make you fragile at this time.



Jun 21-Jul 22  

This is a good month for Cancer representatives when many things could develop in a wanted direction and dreams seem to wait for the opportunity to be grounded and brought to life. It is important not to give up on ideals that inspire and drive you, so you can continue in a direction that truly lifts your spirits up and opens your heart for new experiences.

You are still the one to believe in intimacy and love with those around you. Don’t give up on them, understanding their pain and issues that keep them tied to one place and time. It is not up to you to determine the path or the pace they should grow in, so slow down and listen to the need of their Soul that is to be respected.