Horoscope for July 2018



Jun 21-Jul 22  

Obviously, you want clarity regarding your future, personally, domestically and regarding future plans. However, between June’s powerful planetary activity and the life-changing Cancer eclipsed New Moon on 13 July, you’re on the verge of a breakthrough. While some of what’s coming is clear, other events, encounters or offers will be as sudden as they are unanticipated. Yet, they’re life-changing. The secret? Regard this as a thrilling mystery, with clues that will lead to a thrilling plan - but probably not until late August.



Jul 23-Aug 22    

The expansive cycle of growth that begins in June may intrigue you. But between the coming months’ events and the new ideas being discussed, it’s clear you can’t really settle on a single plan. What’s more, because eclipses in July and August trigger yet more changes, in both circumstances and your priorities, you’re better off focusing on exploration and trying out worthwhile options, while avoiding solid commitments. Keep plans, and your thinking, flexible until the pivotal Leo eclipsed New Moon on 11 August.



Aug 23-Sep 22  

As you know, as a cautious, thorough Virgo, you can sometimes get so involved in the details of various obligations and plans that you forget about the big picture. Thus, the powerful fresh perspective triggered by the New Moon on 13 June brings a welcome breakthrough. While some new ideas fit in right away, others put you on the trail of worthwhile ideas or bring timely encounters with helpful people. Thus, as you move into July, you’re both rethinking plans and making major improvements.



Sep 23-Oct 22     

Maintaining stability in close relationships, from family, friends and loved ones to colleagues, is of tremendous importance to you. Yet unsettling evens in the world around you are raising questions about these. Worrying as potential changes seem, once you’re involved, you realise they’ll lead to timely, if not overdue, discussions. Tempting as it is to rush solutions, they won’t last. Instead, in these, as in domestic or work matters, take it slowly. Gradually you’ll develop a new approach to even persistent issues and achieve unexpected harmony.



Oct 23-Nov 21     

You’re amazingly inquisitive about changes in the wider world and others’ activities. But you value stability, so much you carefully avoid even simple changes. Yet with powerful, and very positive, planetary activity beginning in May and extending into the coming months, you’ll have good reason to explore even seemingly unsettling developments. The more you learn, the happier you’ll be to take things further. Explore absolutely every idea or offer. What seems least promising initially could, within months, become a rewarding part of your life.



 Nov 22-Dec 21   

Ordinarily, the Sagittarius Full Moon in late May will lead to worthwhile discussions of both unresolved issues from the past and future plans, and that would be that. But with powerful planetary activity indicating frequent changes, in your own circumstances and future plans, you and others will be rethinking plans more than once. While, you’ll enjoying exploring the options, the more you learn, the more exciting what you discover and who you meet proves to be. Still, ideally, final decisions will wait.



Dec 22-Jan 19   

The powerful Capricorn Full Moon on 28 June brings numerous matters, personal and more worldly, to a head. Still, regard what you decide as tentative, if not an experiment. Focus on both disentangling yourself from old and restrictive arrangements and, as important, exploring new and often perplexing ideas. While, obviously, you’d like things settled, take it slowly because the actual foundation on which plans are based will be shifting, sometimes often. Once you understand that, you’ll realise how important this cycle of exploration is.


Jan 20-Feb 18

As a clever and forward-thinking Aquarius, you’re usually first to spot trends and, often, advise friends, family and colleagues on the best approach to even dramatic changes. But with your ruler Uranus having just moved into a new position in mid-May, life’s about exploring your changing perspective and, often, circumstances. Things may seem urgent but regard all plans as tentative. Focus on new, if unfamiliar, options. And decisions? Ensure they’re flexible, because you’re likely to change them, and more than once.



Feb 19-Mar 20    

There’s been lot of talk about changes in the structure of your life but no action. So you’ve assumed things wouldn’t happen. Now they are, although with the basis on which plans are made shifting, a last minute rethink of arrangements is essential. Actually, that’s best, since your current requirements and ideas about the future are changing, too. Because these influence others, don’t just reassure them all is well, but instead discuss plans step by step. This is wise and, better yet, draws you closer.



 Mar 21-Apr 19    

Your focus is discovery. What you encounter and who you meet add hugely to your life, plus, these promise future excitement. While this results in encouraging discussion, the pace is frustratingly slow. Obviously, that’s annoying. But also, it gives you time to spot potentially troublesome problems, then rethink and, probably, improve on plans. Once you understand it’s not about moving swiftly but broadening your horizons, your focus shifts and suddenly you’ll stop struggling with the slow pace and start enjoying everything you’re learning and experiencing.



Apr 20-May 20

If changes are unavoidable, you prefer to learn as much as possible, the take things slowly. But with Uranus, planet of excitement, the unexpected and breakthroughs in Taurus from mid-May until late December, even sudden events could introduce something wonderful into your life. During June and July, the secret is to exploring everything, knowing at minimum, you’ll learn something. Initially this may seem strange. But, gradually, you’ll realise how these events are broadening your horizons, personally and in terms of what, and who, you enjoy.



May 21 – June 20

You begin June overflowing with brilliant ideas but lacking plans. While the Gemini New Moon, on the 13 June, brings timely insights, the rest of June, as well as July and August, are spent gathering facts, clarifying your own thinking and working out arrangements with others. This slows progress but also prevents hasty or unwise decisions. Still, with changes altering circumstances and your priorities, ensure whatever you organise is flexible. Even more, persist in exploring unfamiliar territory. What, and who, you encounter will delight you.