Three Tips You Need For A better Shopping Experience

Growing up I was known as "The" shopping expert, I knew where and when to buy, and I've always had a good eye when shopping. Although my time is very limited now I always make time for shopping. On your next shopping trip don't be afraid to do some window shopping or as the french would say "Leche Carreau", heres a few tips:

1. Have the right attitude:

First things first approach window shopping as a learning experience versus a shopping trip. Trust me this will be time very well spent. When browsing don't feel bad and get frustrated because you can't afford what you see or try on. Remember this is not a shopping trip.

2. Don't be intimidated with the high end stores and boutiques:

Whether you can afford to shop there or not these stores should not intimidate you to think that you shouldn't try on designer clothes once you fall in love with them. Doing so gives you an idea of what you are looking for and gives you the feel of the fabrics as well as the cut of the clothes.You can then compare quality when you are buying similar styles at another store that's in your price range. Knowledge is power and if you see something you like, try it on! Believe me it is not a crime to try things on even if your intentions are not to buy.

3. Better shopping:

You know that eventually you will buy something so think of window shopping as preparation, this is especially useful when shopping for special occasions. Window shopping makes sure that you're getting the best item for your needs.