Just Say No To Knock Offs

Years ago in New York city China town became very popular for selling Knock off designer bags. The city has since cracked down on the selling of knock off goods but people still find ways to get and purchase these bags. There are so many reasons not to buy a knock off bag and the most important one for me is quality.

Designer bags can cost from $350- $10,000 and I agree the prices at times may seem pretty high. When purchasing a designer bag think of it as an investment, because it is one. If you cant afford the designer bag that you want you can always try to catch it on sale, try to buy it second hand online, or simply save up enough money. Remember that good designer can always be re- sold.

My favorite designer bags are by Chanel. They are so classic in style and  the quality to me is the best.The Chanel bags are also one of the few brands that are very hard to duplicate because of the quality. Although the Chanel bags are one of the few brands that never put their bags on sale I own three that I cherish very much. When buying a designer bag also keep in mind the attention to detail and the amount of craftsmanship that goes into making these bags. 

You can read in detail what goes into the making of a Chanel bag and the history of the iconic Chanel bag at www.Chanel-news.chanel.com

Just say no to knock offs.