Step Into Spring!

Step into spring in style! We have selected three hot styles in sneakers that you can expect to see walking down the street. The first stylish trend you can expect to see in footwear is lace yes I said lace! Its definitely different and its almost unexpected. We have seen a few brands incorporate lace into their sneaker designs. We chose a pastel, leather and lace combination sneaker by Ash available by Pre-Order. The second sneaker we chose is a trend that is very easy on the eyes and works with any outfit dressed up or dressed down. Now while many brands are doing grey sneakers we chose the New Balance sneaker. The details with the classic suede and metallic leather sides make this sneaker a winner. The third and last sneaker that we chose features prints. Expect to see plenty of sneakers with prints, its fun, its stylish and definitely makes a statement. We chose a sneaker by Kenzo, it features a tiger print and we just love how the colors and details blend in. This sneaker is also available by Pre-Order. All three of these sneakers are available at .