Tips to shopping within your budget.


1. Focus more on your needs and beware of splurging which can lead to things that you don't need. When shopping on a budget stick to the plan and shop for what you need and plan on buying.        

2 When shopping for what you need be sure to get the best quality your budget can afford versus buying the lowest price, lesser quality item to have more money left over to buy more things.You really don't know how long you will be needing what you are buying  and quality is an investment because it insures that what you are buying will last longer after a few washes or visits to the cleaners. Not to mention the item you are buying may become a key staple in your wardrobe.

3. Now if you have enough money to spend on what you want and what you need then it's all in your hands. Also if what you need you can only afford on a really tight budget never feel bad about it because it isn't impossible to purchase something on the cheap with quality. The key is all in the eye, a good eye can buy anything on a budget and make it look like a million bucks. Details is everything fabric, texture, color, stitching, buttons, zippers, & of course the fit are some of the things to consider when making any purchase, a purchase on a budget in particular. Bottom line is focus on the target at hand, don't shop with your eyes. 

 4. Better quality clothing last longer even though it cost more versus the cheaper item that will eventually need to be replaced, you will end up spending more money in the long run. It's better to buy one expensive item to mix and match then to buy a couple of less price items that are just okay. Remember quality over quantity!

Below are perfect examples of staple wardrobe pieces at high end and bargain prices.

Happy Shopping!


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