VII trends for Men's Fall/Winter 2015

   CertifiedVII brings you seven trends from this fall/Winter 2015 Men's fashion shows. 

  • The high water jeans/trousers seen on the runways is a continuation from the rolled up jeans trend, add fancy socks to complete the new trend.
  • Turtlenecks with extra fabric also stood out to us, this look is flattering on any man.
  • The tailored over coat isn't going anywhere anytime soon as it continues to be an ongoing trend throughout 2015 .
  • Shearling was also a popular look down the runway and so were Jean Jackets. Combine both these two and its a killer look.
  • Lots of prints and colors caught our eyes as well. I see the mixture of prints and colors as a growing trend for men and expect to see alot more of it.
  • Fur was every where during Men's fashion week and whether it real or faux this look will always be a winner.
  • The hoodies also continue as a trend now we see them even with suits. I actually like the hoodie with a suit it gives it an edge and its up to the man to add the swag!