CHANEL Spring/Summer 2017 Haute Couture fashion show - PFW

Today Karl Lagerfeld presented the Spring Summer 2017 Haute Couture collection in Paris at the Grand Palais. In the past Karl has been pretty extravagant with the themes of his shows, but this one was different. This show focused more on the silhouettes. Now do not get me wrong the show was astounding, Karl Lagerfeld style!

The inspiration behind the silhouettes came from Alberto Giacometti's 1920 sculpture "spoon woman". The silhouettes consisted of oval shaped skirts and padded hips. Strangely enough the models did not look animated or un-natural they actually looked more like the everyday woman. Models are known to be tall and very petite with little to no curves and the clothes gave the illusion of curves and fullness in a subdued way. It was invigorating to see clothes down the runway the way they would look on a woman's body that isn't necessarily a size 2. More like inviting the masses into the world of high fashion Haute Couture. Now as the show moved into evening wear the hips surely got smaller.

The color scheme of the collection and the venue paid a special honor to an interior designer Syrie Maugham. The white catwalk and ceiling was reminiscent to all the white interiors Maugham was known for. The center piece mirrored screens was another homage to Maugham. I would also like to think that Lagerfeld honored Gabrielle Chanel who was famously known for the mirrored staircase. During the show the mirrored walls and floors gave off the reflection of the clothes and the audience.

The collection featured pastels, sparkles, marabou feather trims, shimmering sequins, jaunty hats, elegant suiting, dazzling evening wear and clean couture lines. Most of the looks had broad silver belts. The models wore silver court shoes and single pearl anklets. Karl Lagerfeld closes out every show with a bride and that was Lily - Rose Depp, Chanel's house embassador. The couture bride wore an absolutely stunning, non traditional pink wedding dress that would make any ones mouth drop.

Lagerfeld never strays away from the Chanel brand he gives birth to the new with a hint of what was. The evening part of the show was my favorite the gowns were pure sophistication. I also adored the hats, silver shoes and pearl anklets, I expect to see all three trending by the summer.