Men's Fashion

The Gucci runway show for men was one of the most talked about shows mostly because they say the show had a feminine twist to it. I enjoyed the Collection and saw some looks that I'm sure I will see men wearing. One thing that stood out to me was the jewlery that the men wore  they all wore rings and alote of them. I honestly have been seeing this trend grow and I like it, when done right of course. I do love how Mens fashion is really taking on a life of its own. It has become exciting again Men are not afraid to express themselves through clothing. What I love the most is when I see how creative these new trends are,sure they are not for everyone but its refreshing to see how style can be taken to the next level. Men no longer have to be confined to the uniform T-shirt, Jeans, Sweatshirt look. As a matter of fact men are taking the norm and breaking all the rules doing the unexpected. I just hope that it remains and continues to get intriguing.

Who doesn't love a well dressed man?